What is Creaturekebab?

Creaturekebab AKA Jenni Bryan is an Illustrator and toy designer based in the UK, who creates one-off bespoke Critters. She works in a variety of different media; including, Plush, Print, Paint, Digital & anything else she can get her hands on! Originally trained in Illustration & Animation at Loughborough University, Jenni loves nothing better than doodling up new characters and sewing together a new monstrous creation.

Jenni’s work has been exhibited worldwide and is featured in several books ad campaigns and other publications. Take a look below to see what she’s up to at the moment, or if you’d like to add the list then please get in touch! I am available for commissions and other career opportunities.


Published Work

2012: Alien Anarchy, Ivy Press, UK, Coming soon!

2011: Monster Paper Toys, ISBN 978-0761158820, Workman Publishing, New York.

2010: We Are Paper Toys, ISBN 978-0061995125, Collins Design, New York.

2009: Web Designer Magazine, Issue 154, P29, Imagine Publishing.

2009: FD2D Magazine, Issue 4, P44 & Inside back cover, From Dusk to Dawn Magazine.



Upcoming Shows

Past Shows

2012: Sneaky Snow Ball, Kid Robot, London, 30th November - 2nd December

2012: Thought Bubble, Leeds, 17th-18th November

2012: SAVE&DESTROY, Granada, Spain

2011: Thought Bubble, Leeds, 19th-20th November

2011: Codename Babushka, Kidrobot Store, London, 1st December

2011: Tales From The Sneaky Crypt, Kidrobot Store, London, 28th-31st October

2011: MCM Manchester, 30th July

2011: MCM Expo London, 27th-29th May

2010: Thought Bubble - Leeds, UK

2009: Stick Me Hard 2 - Musma Gallery, Brussels

2008: Open Space Tote Bag Exhibition - Open Space gallery/SHERBERT Magazine, New York

2008: Cover Versions Exhibition - View From the Top Gallery, Nottingham UK

2008: Showcase - Loughborough University Degree Show, Loughborough UK

2008: Renishaw Hall Arts Fair - Renishaw Hall, Renishaw UK

2008: Stick Me Hard Exhibition - Musma Gallery, Brussels